To join, simply search for "PolicingMP" in the FiveM server browser.

Alternatively, the direct connect addresses are as follows:
  • PolicingMP:
  • PolicingMP Liberty:

Looking for a more traditional FiveM RP server? Check out San Andreas Republic and Code Six.

Before joining, please read all of the following information:

What are PolicingMP's FiveM servers?

PolicingMP on FiveM is a network of freeroam roleplay servers. Essentially, that means that they server have been designed as roleplay servers, but there are no departments, factions, certifications, and the rules are extremely lax.

As it stands, the network is made up of two servers:

  • PolicingMP - The original San Andreas server built off of Code Six Roleplay.

  • PolicingMP Liberty - A (temporarily) whitelisted Liberty City server, with unique cars and city uniforms, and the scripts and weapons from the San Andreas server.

The servers are also sometimes used as a testing ground for some of the latest and greatest lore-friendly GTA 5 mods before they are added to San Andreas Republic, a popular, more realistic FiveM RP server.

The San Andreas and Liberty City servers are both built off the files assets and scripts of smaller RP communities, specifically Code Six Roleplay and the now defunct Corrupt Cops of Liberty City respectively. They both had some pretty cool cars, weapons, scripts, maps; so come check out the server!

You are essentially free to roleplay however you like with whomever you like. Keep in mind, there are staff members, and they will enforce the few rules PolicingMP does have, which are:


    • Be respectful of other players and what they're doing.

    • Don't interrupt other players' RP without asking.

    • No deathmatching

    • No trolling or griefing.

    • Assimilate, don't fight.


  • Connecting to the server will require you to be on the Cayo Perico Heist update (2189). FiveM will handle this game version change automatically.

  • If you have an outdated version of Menyoo, FiveM may not relaunch after switching game versions. You can get an updated version of Menyoo here:

  • If you have Lambda Menu, it will conflict with the custom in-game voice chat script, and it is recommended that you uninstall it.

Privacy Notice

Server administrators have the ability to take a screenshot of your game as seen from your computer without warning. These screenshots are uploaded to a secure server where administrators can view them. This function is designed to be used to identify trolls/griefers, but may also be used for diagnostic and feature testing purposes. Only the game window is captured. Other windows running on your computer and your desktop are not captured and are not visible to administrators. By playing on PolicingMP you agree to these terms.

Commands and Keybinds [WIP]

Roleplay Commands

  • /me Indicate that your character is doing something to nearby players.

  • /gme Global version of /me.

  • /do Describe something, answer role-play questions for nearby players.

  • /gdo Global version of /do.

  • /ic In-character text chat

  • /local Local out-of-character text chat

  • /911 Send a message to 911 to get assistance from emergency services.

  • /bleet Post a message on Bleeter.

  • /die Kills your character when the critical condition timer reaches zero (Seen under the health bar)

  • /binoculars Use binoculars.

  • /phonecam Use phone camera.

  • /cuff Handcuff another player.

  • /drag Drag another player.

  • /c Shorthand for /cuff.

  • /d Shorthand for /drag.

  • /hu Put your hands up.

  • /hd Put your hands down. (Cancels all actions)

  • /door Open a given door on the car you are in or were last in.

  • /trunk Open the trunk on the car you are in or were last in.

  • /hood Open the hood on the car you are in or were last in.

  • /repair Attempt to fix your car. Will fully repair your car if you are at a marked repair shop.

  • /job Go on duty as one of the preset jobs.

  • /r Send an internal message to other members of your job.

  • /rx Send an internal message to all other members in all jobs.

  • /offduty Go off duty from your current job.

Server Commands

  • /help View the help dialog. (SA Only)

  • /report Report another player to staff.

  • /eup Open the EUP Outfit selector.

  • /postal Set a route to a given postal code.

  • /heal Instantly refills your health. Has a five second cool down.

  • /dv Deletes the nearest vehicle.

  • /freecam Toggles the free camera control panel.

  • /pld Show or hide the player location display. (SA Only)

  • /anim Tweak your weapon animation preferences. (SA Only)

  • /emotes Open the emotes, walkstyles and moods menu.

  • /e Play an emote.

Debug Commands

  • /forcerespawn Forcibly makes your character die.

  • /forcecrit Forcibly puts your character into a critical condition.


  • Police and Fire jobs in both servers are currently for approved persons only. This will be fixed in the coming days.